Mindful decluttering. Together. Now virtual!

In the true spirit of interconnection, I need you activated and doing your thing in the world. You can’t get out there and make it a better place if you have to snake through your stuff or can’t find your keys to get out the door! Ask me about virtual decluttering. It works!

There are many ways to attack your clutter. If you are still looking for the one that is right for you, please spend a few moments on this website and see if it resonates with you.

My philosophy is based on respect for you and the objects you once held dear, or thought you needed.  I want you to feel success each time we meet or talk so we break things down into manageable steps. As we clear your space we’ll aim for sustainability so you can keep it going long after we are done working together.  We’ll discuss how you learn and how you experience success. Are you a kinesthetic learner who needs to touch everything before getting rid of it? Are you an auditory learner who needs to repeat a mantra? A visual learner who would feel immense satisfaction seeing everything lined up before its boxed?

This approach to conquering clutter examines the energy around your “stuff” and offers strategies to send things onward.

You might need to discover why you hold on to things before you can affirm your commitment to changing your external – and internal — environment. We will establish criteria to get you started and create a ritual that guides you and honors your “stuff.” We will talk ab accountability and sustainability.

The focus will be on re-use when possible to keep as much out of the trash stream as we can.  Together we CAN declutter to delight(en)!