Tuesday ToDO: Shoes!


I’m a proud coach! My client cleared 3 bags full of things (and more) by herself, including SHOES!  At the risk of being gender normative, I am sure that there are dissertations written ab women and shoes.  (I look forward to learning that there are a few papers written ab men and shoes or the relationship my nonbinary friends have with shoes but right now, I can only speak from experience: I know that shoes are a thing.  I am so proud that my client felt comfortable giving these away.

Last night we designated bags for HIAS to resettle immigrants, packed school supplies for a teacher friend in a re-usable backpack and loaded my car up for the thrift shop and more. After 2+ hours only 1 thing was designated for the landfill — an un-reusable pocketbook. Best part? She did SO much on her own without me before I even got there, including her shoes! Bravo!!

How ab you? Can you find at least one pair of shoes to give away? I know you can. I bet you can even find another pair. Do it.