Thursday Thanks

Thursday Thanks: Please pick up 3 objects — books, clothes, tchachkes — and place them in front of you. Spend a minute thinking ab each. Did someone give them to you? Can you remember purchasing them? Are they associated with a particular occasion? Spend more time enjoying your thoughts.

Now, think really hard. Do you want them now? Are they put to good use or are they sitting there, sad, dusty and forlorn? Are you holding on to them bc you think you have to or do you want them. If you want them, how are you treating each one? Shoved in a corner or out where you can delight in their beauty or memory they offer.

You will honor each thing much more by appreciating it and mindfully keeping it or moving it on to someone who will benefit from its usefulness or energy.

Just 3 things can open the door to changing your life. Gratitude can set you free.