Tuesday ToDO: Start Holiday Shopping – Give the Gift of Decluttering!

decorative-gift-ribbon-and-bow_1101-1176Tuesday ToDO: Start Holiday Shopping – Give the Gift of Decluttering!

You didn’t think I was going to recommend you start adding things to your friend’s overwhelm did you?  Nope, this year really help that special person push through by hiring me for two special holiday hours at a special holiday price.

Whatever you were going to spend on a gift for them is what I will charge. 

Here is what they’ll get:

  • A lovely gift announcement
  • Non-judgmental emotional support
  • A co-created action plan for small and immediate success
  • Removal of things and delivery to a thrift shop, library, or immigrant settling org
  • Suggestions for on-going sustainability
  • Homework
  • A discount on future sessions
  • Pride + relief!

Day, evening and virtual sessions available.  Let this season of joy include inner peace and outer delight.

Here’s how to get the conversation started: