Thursday Thank You

imagesThursday Thank You: There is a Buy Nothing Facebook group in my community which is a great way for people to move things out of their homes for re-use by others. Its especially good for keeping things out of the trash and landfill. I’ve scored some good stuff and have felt relieved to know that the things I don’t want will delight others and be put to good use.

There is a family of sisters in the community who recently lost their father and needed to move from their life-long home. You can see one sister working at the local Rite Aid, another one working at the Wawa (Yo, you from Philly?) as they both care for the third sister who is disabled.

The Buy Nothing group has rallied to fully furnish their new apartment with everything needed to make a home. It’s an awesome thing to see the care shown for these sisters. It is also what we should be doing as responsible, fortunate and loving beings. Still, I don’t take it for granted so I thank everyone who has an open heart and capable hands to do good in this world.