New BBC Show Right Up My Alley: Money For Nothing!

p04v6jkcNew BBC Show Right Up My Alley! If you have Netflix, check out Money For Nothing!

Entrepreneur Sarah Moore saves things from being dumped and transforms them into valuable pieces, making money for people who had no idea there was cash to be made from their trash.  She works with amazing artists who are all super creative as they reinterpret Sarah’s finds.

Plus I just learned a new word: bespoke. It means customized but is much more romantic.

Enjoy –  To me, its almost as good as the Great British Baking Show! Kind of.

(And if you are in the Phila area, check out Sweet Mabel’s Open Studio – every kind of organized junk waiting for you to make art.  Studio masters Beth and Dave can teach you how to use different tools and help you create something special so that you walk away with your own bespoken piece! Brilliant!)