PAPER – IT’S A THING #1 – Paper Shredding

papershredderWhat’s the issue I encounter THE most on my decluttering House Calls? Paper! Wow! There is so much of it and it is overwhelming. So starts my ongoing feature: PAPER: IT’S A THING

We’ll start with shredding bc I have a bag ready to go to Staples as I take advantage of a free coupon to shred 1 lb. of paper. Yes I have a shredder and yes, it is so satisfying to slip that paper in there and hear it grind away. Most homes should have one to take care of the immediate stuff that comes in with personal info on it. The other paper that comes in should be recycled or attended to — not piled up and saved for “later” but we’ll talk ab that later.

My trip to Staples will be for the paper I have kept in boxes bc I thought I would need it at another time. Old tax returns, old receipts, etc. I have decided to keep tax returns and receipts for 10 years so everything before 2008 is going to Staples. This is overkill bc the IRS says I only have to keep returns for 3 years! Whatever.

Today —

  • Can you deal with one pile of paper in your entry way or where you see it the most every. single. day?
  • Can you commit to sorting it: recycle – shred – requires action.
  • Please take the recycling bag to where it belongs near the trash, etc.
  • Please create one foot of space on your desk for the action items. (What day will you deal with them?)
  • Please take your bag of shredding to Staples and take advantage of their free lb.

Just do one bag – yes, I know you have alot more but remember we are parsing this down to what is achievable. Here is a link to Staples — see if they are offering shredding near you and keep your eyes open for a community shredding event as well. You also might want to invest in your own shredder for a thrill! Do it: one pile that you encounter every day and let me know how you feel!