Perseverating on the bra thing

I support the girls logoI know that I am perseverating on the bra thing but I am so, so happy to have found a place that takes the bras that you are done with and gives them directly to homeless women. I Support the Girls is a national organization with over 50 locations.  Today I spoke to Kate Vicente, the Phila Affiliate Volunteer Director and almost wept with joy and wonder!

Not only does Kate receive usable bras from people like you, she also takes them to shelters in the Phila area and offers women “Pampering Days” bringing and applying makeup, nail polish, handbags, scarves and BRAS! Each woman gets 3-4 new-to-them bras. Kate feels called to do this work and is looking for volunteers, so give a call even if you can’t give a bra.

Equally important is her distribution of menstrual hygiene products — as you can imagine!

So — here’s how to get to Kathleen to volunteer or to send bras and products:

I Support the Girls
36 King Ave
Folcroft, PA 19032

Attn.: Kate Vicente