My DeClutter2Delight Handbook/Workbook is Ready When You Are!


My book: DeClutter2DeLight: Compassionate + Green Clutter Control Handbook / Workbook is officially available on Amazon!

In this short book you will see how learning style influences the likelihood to succeed, why this is hard to do, why I want you hydrated and breathing and what philosophical tenets will help you get – and stay – decluttered.

Here’s what’s inside!

  • How to discern where to start
  • How learning style influences sustainability
  • How re-use liberates
  • Where is away when you throw something away?
  • How to finish – and stay finished
  • What to do with inherited items
  • The energy of things

I can’t wait for you to read it! Think ab bringing me to your book group and turn the evening into a DeClutter2DeLight Workshop!