“This is all Gari magic with a tiny portion of pixie dust!!!”

No one wanted my client’s 50 volume set of the Harvard Classics UNTIL I responded to a post on my Buy Nothing Facebook site.

The set belonged to my client’s grandfather and we tried antique stores, auctioneers, book stores and more. We were thisclose to just dropping them off at a thrift shop, or worse, recycling them. We sat with it and now the books have a home and a friendship has been made. Here is how the declutterer (giver) and beneficiary (receiver) feel about one another:

Giver:Harvard Classics all gone! Jess was a true delight. Thank you so much for making this happen!
Receiver: They look so great on my shelf!  (though, I’m now inspired to want a nicer shelf…) Thank you again. I really would like to get together sometime to chat more.

I then shared my glee over this emerging friendship and heard back:

Receiver: Yes! She is so wonderful. I think you connected me with more than just some amazing books 🙂
Giver: This is all Gari magic with a tiny portion of pixie dust!!!

What a hoot!