Liberation from Stuff

I wrote this blog post ab Passover and DeCluttering in prep for a webinar I was invited to participate in. In it you will see some promo for the webinar but if you read further you will see some thoughts specific to Pesach, stuff and how we deal with it. I am posting it to let you all know about a webinar series I am starting about DeCluttering through a Jewish lens. Starting in May, I will flow through the calendar with a different focus each month. For instance, my work with adult children of Holocaust survivors has already taught me much that I want to share, so that will be the topic of May’s webinar in sync with Yom HaShoah. June brings me to Shavuot – when we received the Torah. How do we discern between the “holy” objects we may feel obligated to keep and the mundane? July? Let’s talk ab freedom. (We’re of two civilizations here.) August is Elul prep, Sept, the HH and Oct is Sukkot and our homes. You smell what I’m cookin’ here, right? Anyway, enjoy this post and Chag Sameach!