Dementia + Decluttering

It has taken me a few days to be able to process this and write this post.

The work I am doing is far reaching – even more than I imagined. On a recent house call, I took a few pieces of a client’s ephemera collection, hoping to find an alternative to the recycle bin. Things like the Life and Look Mags, old Radio Guides from the ’40’s — things like that. I posted them on my Buy Nothing Group on fb where they were happily scooped up by two very young women willing to divide the goods. I contacted one of them and asked if they were enjoying these throwbacks to old times.

Here is the reply I got that simply stunned me into reverence: Yes, thank you again.I kept the London News and Jenn kept everything else — I believe she was planning to give most if not all to an aunt or perhaps a great aunt with a variant of dementia.

What an amazing idea. I was teary and still as I read and re-read this response. I am in awe of people’s creativity, resourcefulness and love. I am grateful that I had a part in potentially providing ease for someone in need — be it the great aunt or niece. The ripple effect of this work is multi-dimensional and I am honored to be part of people’s lives in this way. Thank you.