DeCluttering Through the Calendar

This fall, as many of us greet a new year, you are invited to embrace new beginnings and learn how to transform your home into one that replenishes, relaxes and rejuvenates you. In the true spirit of interconnection, we need one another physically and mentally decluttered so that we are free to help fix this aching world. You don’t have to be Jewish to join my webinar being offered through Ritualwell and Reconstructing Judaism because I want Less Stuff/More Ease for everyone.

We’ll use the Jewish Calendar and give ourselves a year to move through time and declutter space together. If there is one thing that has been confirmed in my decluttering coaching, it is the power of partnership. It is 100% easier to do this together. You will get monthly tips — maybe even homework — and we’ll each provide accountability for one another’s work.

September brings new commitments aligned with a new year, November we learn how gratitude influences decluttering success and February asks what’s love got to do with it as you discern what objects to keep and what to pass on. You get it. Specifics to the Jewish calendar are concepts of tzimtzum/pulling in to push forward, addressing sticking points related to adult children of Holocaust survivors, what role guilt plays in decluttering and more.

September: High Holidays / High Hopes + New Beginnings
October: Sukkot – our homes
November: How gratitude helps you declutter
December: Hanukkah – rededication
January: Celebrate good times
February: What’s love got to do with it?
March: Tzimzum – pulling in to go forward
April: Passover – Liberation
May: Yom HaShoah – kavod/honoring meaningful objects in our lives
June: Shavuot – discerning what is holy and what is mundane
July: Independence/courage
August: Elul – what holds you back

I am honored to be presenting this series and invite you along for the whole ride, or to join us season by season. As always, the DeClutter2DeLight method of decluttering is rooted in compassion, interconnection and re-use, saving as much from the landfill as possible. Here is a link to learn more.