Booking Rosh Chodesh and Sisterhood Appearances Now – Decluttering Through the Jewish Calendar

When we clear out our physical space we make room for connection: with ourselves, with the Divine and with others. If you can’t find your keys to get out the door to fix this broken world, we all miss out. When you are free to bring your best self, your passion and your Torah to the world, we all benefit.

Jewish star via Creative Commons-  “64c3” by victor408 is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0 

As we look toward the new year, 5780, I am offering two ways to experience Less Stuff/More Ease. Each will use the wisdom of the Jewish calendar to support your decluttering.

Webinar: Less Stuff/More Ease is a monthly webinar offered through RitualWell/Reconstructing Judaism.

Rosh Chodesh/Sisterhood Appearances: Your women’s group can choose a particular month to offer my introductory workshop. Participants will learn how to “DeClutter2DeLight” through a very particular Jewish lens.

I offer strategies, support, humor and accountability. My lifelong experience as a Jewish women immersed in Jewish culture offers a powerful perspective on the act of letting things go and repairing the world. And, as always, my method is compassionate and green. Your unwanted items can change someone’s life and I will show you how.

Here’s how the months lay out:
September: High Holidays / High Hopes + New Beginnings
October: Sukkot – our homes
November: How gratitude helps you declutter
December: Hanukkah – rededication
January: Celebrate good times
February: What’s love got to do with it?
March: Tzimzum – pulling in to go forward
April: Passover – Liberation
May: Yom HaShoah – kavod/honoring meaningful objects in our lives
June: Shavuot – discerning what is holy and what is mundane
July: Independence/courage
August: Elul – what holds you back?

Contact me today to have a conversation and schedule an appearance/workshop today!