Pretty excited to be included in this AMEX Business article where I discuss my virtual house calls and office organization work. Is your home office –or kitchen table really ready for this? Through FaceTime or Zoom, we can organize your home work space for maximum productivity and flow. I have even been asked to virtually work with young kids as they, too, need cleared space. This is a great resource for managers to provide for their staffs.

And it’s not only about productivity. It’s also about the fact that our homes will be command central for an unknown period of time. Let’s make it one that supports and nourishes you.

In these times, I am reducing the price of my virtual house calls from $105/hour to $65. (Actual house calls are $125/hour and discounted in packages of 10) I want you to succeed, I want you to have as much physical and mental clarity as possible. Contact me with questions or choose a time here. The fee will be paid via paypal as you register.

We can talk about these crazy times when we work together. Know that I wish you ease and efficiency as you work remotely from your home.

Thanks, onward, stay well and stay connected.