About Gari Julius Weilbacher

Like!In the true spirit of interconnection, I need YOU activated and thinking clearly! The world needs your talents, gifts, strengths and smarts and only you know what’s stopping you.

I am a personal life coach and communications consultant and see things in terms of energy in and energy out. You certainly can’t bring your best self to the world if you can’t find your keys or feel too overwhelmed to daydream. My goal is to move small organizations or individuals forward so that they can do the important work that must be done. I need you walking tall, proud and with ease.

My philosophy is based on respect for you and the objects you once held dear, or thought you needed.  I want you to feel success each time we meet or talk so we break things down into manageable steps. As we clear your space we’ll aim for sustainability so you can keep it going long after we are done working together.  We’ll discuss how you learn and how you experience success. Are you a kinesthetic learner who needs to touch everything before getting rid of it? Are you an auditory learner who needs to repeat a mantra? A visual learner who would feel immense satisfaction seeing everything lined up before its boxed?

My path toward this work is not unlike yours.  In a short amount of time, I lost both my parents and kept alot of their stuff because I needed to. Or thought I needed to. Combine that with cancer, raising kids, work and trying to make sense of this big world and you’ve got a regular person with regular overwhelm.  That’s my story in brief — what’s yours?

I’m also crazy proud that my recent book, DeClutter2DeLight: Handbook+Workbook was featured on a list of Books That Will Help You Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions and my workshops are often standing room only.

All to say — contact me.  We can do this.  We will help you walk a bit taller and freed up to pursue your passion and purpose. I promise.  And when you do, we all will benefit.

When we talk, remind me to tell you about the elephant(s) in the room.

Please visit Wild Brook Communications to learn about the work I do consulting and coaching individuals, emerging entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations.