Before + After

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Client 1:  Before + after with a hit of gratitude:  Take a look at this video.

Thanks for checking in, Gari. I can’t thank you enough for this weekend.

Cooking yesterday was a delight. I could take something out of a cabinet, and have a place to set it down. I didn’t have to perform my typical balancing act. Cleaning up was easier. Everything was easier! I ran some errands, and, as is my habit, I put everything down in the kitchen when I returned. Then, I reminded myself of what we did, and carefully put things away where they belonged, and cleared the counters again. Thank you, Gari. I feel confident I can keep this up, right now.

Another Client:

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How’s this for a life-changer? We pushed thru a bit of anxiety as things got cleared but we did it. I say that I offer compassionate clutter control and I mean it. I get it and I stay right by your side. I promise. Do you see how she set herself up in a small amt of space? She can’t imagine the flow she will have access to when she gets going!

Here is another before and after. It’s exciting for me and liberating for my client! The process inspires deep conversations + glee. I am honored to partner with folks and to be part of their liberation.

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