Client Case Studies

I know how hard it is to call me. So many emotions arise. Chief among them is the nagging feeling that you should be able to do it yourself. But as I say in my workshops: If you think this is hard, you are right! It is so much easier with someone by your side. You might [...]

Happy Holidaze: Virtual DeCluttering House Call Gift Card!

Happy Holidaze!! Here is an unusual present – and one that is especially timely this time of year! You can gift yourself – or a loved one – a Virtual Decluttering House Call Gift Card. This lovely card entitles the recipient to kickstart New Year decluttering through a one-hour facetime virtual session with DeClutter Coach, [...]

We’re a team!

Look at this love I bumped into today! This is how one of my newer clients writes our house calls in her calendar. We only meet once a month so she has alot of homework between visits and she does it all Bravo! I was so surprised and happpppy to see this! I heart her [...]


I have a friend who has a friend who is too embarrassed to call me. How do I explain that most people feel the same way before they make the call? I want to tell her in person that our partnership is what will make this time different. I want to help her see that [...]

Booking Rosh Chodesh and Sisterhood Appearances Now – Decluttering Through the Jewish Calendar

When we clear out our physical space we make room for connection: with ourselves, with the Divine and with others. If you can’t find your keys to get out the door to fix this broken world, we all miss out. When you are free to bring your best self, your passion and your Torah to the world, we all benefit. [...]

Dementia + Decluttering

It has taken me a few days to be able to process this and write this post. The work I am doing is far reaching - even more than I imagined. On a recent house call, I took a few pieces of a client's ephemera collection, hoping to find an alternative to the recycle bin. Things [...]

Thank YOU!

I love doing my DeClutter2DeLight:Getting Started workshops! This came in from a local library: "Thank you for your presentation at the Montgomery County-Norristown Public Library. We were honored to have you speak to us as you certainly have a command of the subject matter. Your knowledge as well as the delivery received an excellent reviews. [...]