Wednesday Wonder: Having people over

Wednesday Wonder: Having people over. When you think about prepping for a holiday do you imagine creating culinary delights or do you spend your time thinking of where you will hide those papers, magazines, stack of clothes or toys? Do old family recipes come to mind or are you embarrassed to open the door? More [...]

Thursday Thanks

Thursday Thanks: Please pick up 3 objects -- books, clothes, tchachkes -- and place them in front of you. Spend a minute thinking ab each. Did someone give them to you? Can you remember purchasing them? Are they associated with a particular occasion? Spend more time enjoying your thoughts. Now, think really hard. Do you [...]

CyberMonday: Virtual Clutter Session

For some people, it might even be easier to start de-cluttering with me not literally by your side, but on facetime or zoom. We will have a complete session together, starting with grounding and gratitude moments, setting intentions and goals, doing the work with bags for recycling, donations and trash and then at the end, [...]