Fees + More

Are you the one who said I’d give anything to get this done when you were crazy exasperated with yourself and your clutter?

  • What value do you place on the ability to walk out your front door with ease and keys?
  • Can you visualize a desk that allows you to work, pay bills and relax?
  • When you look around a room are you pleased or under assault?
  • Where’s that recipe?
  • Do you pay for other services in your life?
  • Can you accept that you cannot do this alone right now?
  • Are you ready to change your story?

Think about what you can afford and if you need to accept help.

My fees range from FREE – $125 and are purposely not listed because I want you to start doing some internal work now, without me. Ask yourself the questions I listed and know that I am available in a variety of capacities and that I want you to succeed.

Contact me to schedule a phone call that will include a short complimentary coaching conversation.