Fees + More

Are you the one who said I’d give anything to get this done when you were crazy exasperated with yourself and your clutter?

  • What value do you place on the ability to walk out your front door with ease and keys?
  • Can you visualize a desk that allows you to work, pay bills and relax?
  • When you look around a room are you pleased or under assault?
  • Where’s that recipe?
  • Do you pay for other services in your life?
  • Can you accept that you cannot do this alone right now?
  • Are you ready to change your story?

Think about what you can afford and if you need to accept help. Support can be ongoing or just enough to help you assess the situation and get you started. The lifetime commitment you make is to yourself — not to me!

My fees range from:

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Please call me to discuss fees for House Calls, Virtual Decluttering and the Ignite Delight Classes. Think about scheduling  a phone call that will include a short complimentary coaching conversation or sign up for my free monthly newsletter, Dear Declutter! Use the form or email address.