October Newsletter!

Do you remember when I promised that I would not flood your inbox with useless information and that if I had nothing to say I would not send out a newsletter? You may not have heard it, per se, but I did skip September because I made that promise to myself. I am keenly aware [...]

More Paper Organizing

I am very excited for today's session with an elder who wants to gain control of paper in her life. You don't have to wait til your late '70's to set up systems! If nothing else, the satisfaction of understanding paper flow from the moment it enters your home to the time it is filed [...]

Tuesday ToDO: Returns

Tuesday ToDO: Returns - Do you return things that don't work for you when you get them to your home or do you let them sit there. For a long time or even forever? Return them! They are doing you no good, are not useful, waste your money and give you a zetz each time [...]