Office Work

Decluttering is not just a personal home kind of thing.  Take a look at your office. Many, many work places need things moved out so that energy can flow. It's amazing to see the number of  things unused in offices just because they have always been there. Or corners that collect stuff, shelves and counters that [...]

It’s Here and Ready When You Are!

My book: DeClutter2DeLight: Compassionate + Green Clutter Control Handbook / Workbookis officially available on Amazon! In this short book you will see how learning style influences the likelihood to succeed, why this is hard to do, why I want you hydrated and breathing and what philosophical tenets will help you get – and stay – [...]

New Book! DeClutter2DeLight Handbook/Guidebook is OUT!

It's here and ready to help you change your environment and your life. I must start this post with special thanks to Amy Pollack of TwistnShout for graphically interpreting my thoughts so well What will you find inside? How learning styles influence sustainability How re-use liberates How to discern where to start How to finish [...]

Perseverating on the bra thing

I know that I am perseverating on the bra thing but I am so, so happy to have found a place that takes the bras that you are done with and gives them directly to homeless women. I Support the Girls is a national organization with over 50 locations.  Today I spoke to Kate Vicente, [...]