Wednesday Wonder: Having people over

Wednesday Wonder: Having people over. When you think about prepping for a holiday do you imagine creating culinary delights or do you spend your time thinking of where you will hide those papers, magazines, stack of clothes or toys? Do old family recipes come to mind or are you embarrassed to open the door? More [...]

House Parties/Workshops

House Parties/Workshops  Join with friends to start attacking clutter in a supportive environment. Think ab a little wine, whine and then action to change your thinking and your home or office. You will bring 3 items to donate and leave with less. It is a way to start the intense work of my Compassionate and [...]

Tuesday ToDO: Start Holiday Shopping – Give the Gift of Decluttering!

Tuesday ToDO: Start Holiday Shopping - Give the Gift of Decluttering! You didn't think I was going to recommend you start adding things to your friend's overwhelm did you?  Nope, this year really help that special person push through by hiring me for two special holiday hours at a special holiday price. Whatever you were going [...]

Thursday Thanks

Thursday Thanks: Please pick up 3 objects -- books, clothes, tchachkes -- and place them in front of you. Spend a minute thinking ab each. Did someone give them to you? Can you remember purchasing them? Are they associated with a particular occasion? Spend more time enjoying your thoughts. Now, think really hard. Do you [...]