How We Might Work Together

I believe you. I believe that you want your life to flow and that you want to clear your space and clear your head.  And, I believe that we can do this together.

How do we discern where to start? These questions might help:

  1. Which area is most urgent to clear?
  2. Which would be the easiest to start or work on?
  3. Which is bringing you down the most?
  4. What is calling to you with no logical reason?
  5. Where is the light shining in the smallest bit to get you started?

House Calls – If you are in the Philadelphia area, we can schedule house calls. A typical initial visit is 2 hours before emotional and physical fatigue sets in. We have a good, honest conversation and create a plan with one goal in mind: success. I am right by your side the whole time and I leave your home changed in large or even small ways. I take one box of items out of your house to get you started. You have thought about each one, understood their minimal value to you and how they can be appreciated by others. We’ve created a rhythm of acknowledging each thing and sending it on its way.

Once we have a plan, we can accomplish your goals in one week, month, day.  It’s really whatever you can manage.

Side-by-Side Virtual Decluttering – This is the perfect answer to long-distance decluttering. Through the use of any device, I can still be right by your side while you clear. The only difference is that I can’t take things to the thrift shop or library, etc for you. But, we set you up for success and work together. I love doing this.


The workshops introduce you to the Declutter 2 Delight method of decluttering. You will learn strategies to discern where to start, how your learning style affects your success, what to do with all your stuff and why this is so hard. The experience includes a virtual decluttering session to get you started.   Camaraderie and support is yours after 1 hour together.

They are perfect for libraries, coffee shops and home/garden shows. Even when admission is free you get to start decluttering by bringing one item to donate based on the location. It is a way to start the intense work of my Compassionate and Green Clutter Control among friends.