Thank YOU + Testimonials

Thank you to my clients for doing the hard work and for inviting me in to help shape an environment that allows them to live in ease and flow while moving their things OUT. We recycle, shred, file or donate items to people who will give them new life.  Landfill is the last resort.

Here is what they have to say:

Virtual House Calls Clients:

  • As I virtually shared my home with Gari through my phone camera, she was able to hone in on my challenges and opportunities. I gave her a tour of my home to give her an overall feel for my environment, and then we identified a key issue and mapped out a plan for next steps. We “moved” things together, as she made suggestions and I physically set up two key spaces – one for me to focus on for my next round of decluttering and the other a space that continues to inspire me to keep at the hard work of decluttering, and served as the foundation for my home office when I started working remotely. Overall, I was so impressed with her ability to virtually explore my home, deeply listen to what I was saying, and come up with options on the phone that has helped me not only keep on track, but really move forward with my decluttering. It would have been more fun to have her here in-person, but we were able to accomplish the same things we would have if she were standing in the same room.

House Calls Clients:

    • This is all Gari magic with a tiny portion of pixie dust!!!
  • Gari approaches this work with a calm spirit of love and understanding for the ways our spaces and items can overwhelm us, for the reasons why this is hard to do, and the knowledge of where items can go when it’s time for them to leave us.
  • Gari’s approach is empowering, free of shame, free of rules. Working with Gari is a spiritual experience, a powerful learning experience. I am no longer comfortable with clutter surrounding me. I now can find things in my file cabinets and shelves with ease and joy. I am liberated.
  • The living room is holding up ok but I haven’t had the chance to do anything further with it because we were focused on the basement, which is done! I think you’ll be amazed when you see what you set in motion.
  • Things are going pretty well. The shelf is looking great and I have really liked using it as a touchstone for “what could be”. I also cleared off my dresser, and that looks good as well. M was able to fix our closet doors, so the goodness is spreading across the room 🙂 We have also given away a number of items and done a trip to Goodwill, plus had someone come and give us an estimate for redoing the basement floors. Things are moving!

  • Wow! I couldn’t even get the local (antique) dealers to just come look! You are the (wo)man! Thank you for arranging a visit by this premier auction house!
  • All you are doing is so incredibly appreciated
  • I finished this corner, and vacuumed! Thanks for the great start today; I feel very optimistic! Hugs, A.
  • I can’t thank you enough. You have a real gift for making decluttering an empowering experience as opposed to the the feeling that one has failed. I thank you for the gift of breath and feeling that I can do it!
  • You have been a godsend and I am so grateful. I was stuck in my grief and could not do this. Now I can say goodbye to things that were really giving me pain – why was I keeping my dad’s meds? Records? Now I can honor his life and not be stuck in his death. I was immobile in my own house and now I am ready to make it happy again. Thank you.
  • The delight, no wait…the shock! —  of my office being so inviting each time I walk in is astounding. Now I WANT to sit at my desk, it’s my go-to place and my concentration level has soared.
  • I can’t believe you like organizing my papers. How can that be? I only like it on the days that you are here!
  • You know that I could not do this without you. You really understand that we are organizing my life’s work and that means so much to me.
  • Thanks for today! Everything I wanted to give away is posted on the Buy Nothing site- I decided to try to sell the table. I am so appreciative of the help. I really feel like I couldn’t do this without you.
  • Thanks for checking in, Gari. I can’t thank you enough for this weekend. Cooking yesterday was a delight. I could take something out of a cabinet, and have a place to set it down. I didn’t have to perform my typical balancing act. Cleaning up was easier. Everything was easier! I ran some errands, and, as is my habit, I put everything down in the kitchen when I returned. Then, I reminded myself of what we did, and carefully put things away where they belonged, and cleared the counters again. Thank you, Gari. I feel confident I can keep this up, right now.
  • I have added to my next thrift store bag – I think I am getting the hang of ‘this will have a new home’ and ‘someone will love this’ decisions.
  • I love my office!! You’re the best!
  • Thank you for listening as I share stories before we pack some things up. It makes it easier, especially as we continue to talk about why this is hard to do myself.
  • Sometimes when I look around I don’t recognize my space or feel that I am in someone else’s office but I LIKE it and I want to keep going. I really appreciate talking about it when we are together. This all adds clarity to my work. 

DeClutter2DLight Handbook + Workbook Reviews

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  • What I love about this book is that it is full of practical strategies, methods, and tips, and at the same time helps me to understand why decluttering can be so difficult to accomplish. So rather than continuing to judge myself about it, it inspires me to get moving and do it! Highly recommended for those of us who have a hard time letting go of stuff we don’t actually need for a multitude of reasons.
  • Gari has great tips for getting started with the process of decluttering! Her ideas are smart and easy and helped me feel less overwhelmed when I started to address clutter at work and at home. Very helpful!
  • This book was a HUGE help getting my pack rat husband off the dime. In her gentle way, the author helps the reader move from inertia to the joy of decluttering. What a great gift for anyone who has trouble with clutter or is married to someone who does.
  • The book was very helpful! Used it as guide to help me declutter before a new move! Like the simplicity and practicality of it!!!

Workshop Attendees:

  • Thank you for your presentation. We were honored to have you speak to us as you certainly have a command of the subject matter. Your knowledge as well as the delivery received an excellent reviews. I found your talk very inspirational as well as motivating.
  • I really took your talk last year to heart, and have done some decluttering of my bureau( gave away ugly sweaters) and closets…It is an ongoing process, as you say. You were and continue to be an inspiration to me, and to the many people in last night’s audience. 
  • It was great to meet you! You held a lovely workshop. Meaningful on a personal and community level!
  • I went to your workshop at the Bala Cynwyd Library.  It was a great way for me to start to deClutter! Thanks for an inspiring talk.
  • On behalf of the library board, I’d like to thank you for your excellent talk last night. We really got a great turnout. It just shows you how many of us have this same issue. I went away determined to finish decluttering my bedroom and study.